What is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

No medical exam life insurance is a simpler way of getting life coverage. You can now get life insurance without having to take medical examinations. This will save you time and money as you will not have to visit different doctors and pay for medical tests.

happy family searching online for life insuranceWhat makes this policy truly unique is its simplicity and speed with which is issued. People who need life coverage, but do not have the time to go through the long and strenuous application process can always buy a no exam life insurance plan.

Why is life insurance important?

Life insurance plans guarantee a death benefit which will be paid after the insured passes away. This means that if you pass away in an accident or from other causes, your family will receive insurance proceedings. The financial relief provided by life insurance plan can help surviving family members cover your funeral costs, pay the mortgage and cover other daily living expenses.

Life insurance is an important investment for any breadwinner and plays a considerable role in ensuring financial protection and stability for other family members.

Why get life insurance without medical examinations?

No medical exam life insurance can be very advantageous, especially for people who have a busy schedule. It is an accessible policy for seniors or for people who have health issued.

Here are a few reasons to buy life insurance without medical examinations:

  • Speed. If you need life coverage and you need it fast, life insurance plans that do not ask for medical exams are issued in less than 24 hours!
  • Accessibility. Some people cannot qualify for a traditional life insurance plan. Skipping medical examinations, however, increases the eligibility of many applicants.
  • Simple application process. If you do not want to wait in line in front of doctors’ office or if you simply do not have time for medical tests, this type of coverage is for you! A no exam life insurance policy’s application process consists of a simple application form which you can complete in less than an hour.

No medical exam life insurance provides a way of getting life coverage without the fuss of going through medical tests. Visit our website to find the best offers for life insurance plans that do not require medical exams!